Ultrasound Visit

So a few months ago, I was getting scheduled for another ultrasound by my Ob/Gyn. I was curious as to why I was getting another ultrasound, and she told me because one of his kidneys was a little dilated and she wanted to check on it. The dilation got a little bigger by the next visit, so they scheduled us an appointment with ultrasound specialists. We had our appointment with them, but they were hardly concerned with his kidney. They were more concerned with his weight. They wanted to check on his weight a month later, which was today. According to the ultrasound, our baby boy weighs 7 pounds 15 ounces at 35 weeks and 2 days. Last month the u/s tech told us measuring the weight of a baby via ultrasound wasn’t very accurate, and they can be off by about 25% either way. Meaning he could be bigger or smaller. I’m a little worried that I might have to have a c-section, I’d rather give birth naturally, but if I must have one then I must have one. At least with a c-section, it will be scheduled and our family will have plenty of time to make arrangements to come visit us. We live 2 hours away and our family members don’t have the most reliable vehicles.

I guess I’m just anxious for him to get here, and I have a feeling he will come before the due date. I don’t want to go over the due date, but heard it is pretty common. Everyday things are getting harder and harder to do. I have to scoot to the end of our couch to get up, it is difficult to turn around in the bed at night, and I can’t walk or stand too long without my back killing me. I know it pales in comparison to the precious life inside of me, but I’m ready for him to be here. I can’t wait to hold him, kiss him, and love on him. I always knew I wanted kids, but never really thought of the actual day. Even if I did, it is nothing like actually getting to feel everything, the kicks and the pains. I wouldn’t take back a single moment.

Counting down the days til our Parker gets here!!

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Baby Shower Fun

So last Saturday was my baby shower, and I had a ton of fun. It was hosted by my mom, sister, and one of my best friends. They did such a wonderful job on everything. My theme was monkeys and they made monkey cupcakes that were so adorable and delicious. They looked like this:

Monkey CupcakesI was just as excited they made them as I was to eat them. LOL. My mom also ordered a cake for the shower from our local grocery store. It wasn’t 5 star quality but I was pleased with it. It was a better job than what I would have done, not to mention it was also delicious!! The cake looked like this:

Monkey CakeI got a lot more stuff than I was expecting which was a very nice feeling. My growing family and I have so many people who care about us and wanted to share in that special day. We are lucky, not everyone has that.

We played a couple of games and had a couple of activities. My favorite things included a mad lib story about my husband and I that turned out to be hilarious, my guests writing their wishes for Parker, and getting to share the day with the people dearest to me. I’ve been to a few showers before, but attending one for someone else and attending one for yourself is a very different feeling. It was difficult to talk with everyone, trying not to let anyone feel left out, and making sure I spoke loud and clear enough for everyone to hear. However, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat.

The shower isn’t the only exciting thing that has happened. We were finally able to buy things we wanted for the baby. We had to wait until the shower to make sure we didn’t buy something someone already got us. It was so much fun!!!! We got a tad carried away when buying some clothes for him, but I think we still need more! Ha. Today my husband bought some bed time stories for us to read to him. Oh it is such an exciting feeling!! It is getting closer and closer to my due date. Tomorrow makes 35 weeks!! (It is also my husband’s birthday!) We started to pack our hospital bag, but I use most of the stuff I need to pack. We aren’t sure how long we will stay in the hospital, but from what we’ve heard, it is about 24-48 hours if everything goes well; should be fun.

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