Oh carpet, I love thee!


So a few months back we finally ripped out the original carpet in the house. There were two different colors and textures.

Doesn't it just look bad together?

Doesn’t it just look bad together?

In the hall and on the stairs, there was this shaggy, burgundy carpet, and in the bedrooms, there was this medium blue color. They made the whole area feel dark and choppy and smaller than it really was.

Old hallway carpet

A view of the hallway and its old carpet before we moved in.


old hall carpet

A different angle of the hallway. We were in the process of taking it all out during this picture.


A picture of the master bedroom before we moved in.

A picture of the master bedroom before we moved in.

We debated for several weeks and months over if we would rather put hardwood floors or carpet upstairs. We thought short-term and we thought long-term. We have these really hard tiles downstairs, and with an infant who is learning how to crawl, pull himself up, and walk, it isn’t an ideal flooring. We knew it would be scary enough if he hurt himself downstairs, and we didn’t want to have to worry about him hitting his head on hard flooring in his room too. We wanted our rooms to look really nice, comfortable and safe, so we agreed carpet would be our best option. If taken care of properly, it can last a very long time.

So now that what type of flooring we wanted upstairs was decided, our next step was figuring out who offered the best price and service. We looked at several different places, both big box companies and smaller businesses. We eventually went with Lowe’s. We wanted a durable carpet that wasn’t too soft and shaggy nor too short and hard. We found our perfect carpet in a shade we both loved. So we ripped out the old carpet and padding ourselves to save some money, and left the old tack strips for a few more savings. It was a very fun and productive way to let out some frustration. You have to pull and yank that carpet out along with all the built up aggression. However, if you do rip out your own carpet, the padding under will most likely have these pieces of tar, and if it has been there long, then it will leave black spots all over the sub-floor. I didn’t think much of it and sat down to take a break and had black tar all over my bottom. It got a bit messy after that since I would accidentally hit my bottom on doors and door frames and the walls. I’m a very clumsy person.

Within a day or two from pulling up our carpet, our new and beautiful cream-colored carpet arrived and was installed in a few hours. We all laid on it and it felt like heaven. It looked great in all the rooms (which were already newly painted), and it was the perfect amount of padding. Now our upstairs looks so much lighter and cohesive. It really feels like a completely different house. It makes it feel more like our home and not someone’s old home. Doesn’t it just look so nice and comfy?

The hall with the new carpet.

The hall with the new carpet.

The new carpet in the hall at a different angle.

The new carpet in the hall at a different angle.

A picture of the master bedroom with the new carpet.

A picture of the master bedroom with the new carpet.

Doesn't it just look so much better as one carpet color and texture?!

Doesn’t it just look so much better as one carpet color and texture?!


I love our carpet and the way it transformed the look and feel upstairs. 🙂  There are a couple more renovation posts coming up soon.

Stay tuned for more sharing!!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


Home is where the heart is

Things have been crazy busy ever since Parker was born. Time just seems to be flying; he is almost 6 months old! His bottom teeth are already poking through, he rolls over all the time, and he is so very close to crawling. While those are big steps in his development, we have taken a huge step towards developing a permanent home. Drum roll please….

We bought a house!!!!!!! It is a 2 story house with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. It also has a two car garage and a multilevel shop, that Louis is super excited about. It has a circle driveway and a great sized, fenced back yard. I always dreamed of running down the stairs on Christmas morning to see all the wonderfully wrapped presents Santa has left us. Since I was never able to do that, I am now thrilled that Parker (and his future siblings) will be able to enjoy it. Louis and I grew up with pretty big yards, and most of my favorite childhood memories were running around and playing in the yard. So I am very fortunate that my children will get to experience the fun of playing football, baseball, or freeze tag in a big yard and not have to worry about disturbing neighbors.

We’ve been living in the house for a little over a month now. It doesn’t feel like that long because we still have a few boxes that need unpacking. We have been making this house feel more like home by renovating a few things here and there. I will blog more detailed posts later on when everything settles down more, but for now, I will give you a short version of what we have done thus far. The first thing we did was tearing out this hideous burgundy shag carpet off the stairs. Louis sanded down the wood and put a few coats of polyurethane. They look 100 times better now! We also took off the popcorn ceiling in the 3 bedrooms upstairs. That project deserves its own post. We painted all three rooms, put crown molding in the two smaller rooms, replaced the ceiling fan in our room, and decorated Parker’s room. Next step is getting new carpet and trying to figure out what to do with the ceiling in the mater bedroom. As of right now, we are thinking about putting wooden pallets up there and then putting a whitewash. Louis is so excited to make things with his new tools in his big shop, and I am so excited to start decorating. I’ve googled so many things and looked up prices for stuff. I’m feeling very thrifty and can’t wait to hit up those thrift stores and have some DIY fun! I’m also excited to share our story of making this house into a comfortable and loving home.

P.S. 5+ months of breastfeeding and going strong. 🙂

Stay tuned for more sharing!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


Hello There

Well this is exciting, my first ever blog post! So many things to say, yet the words escape me. So forgive me if it sounds like I am rambling (it’s because I am!).

First of all, I am a stay at home wife and soon-to-be mommy!! We are expecting our little boy in about 8 more weeks and we couldn’t be happier! We have his room pretty much done, we just need a few things to complete it, and hopefully we get that at the baby shower. I am wanting to buy so many clothes for him already, and it is hard not to! I know once he is here, I won’t be able to control my spending. My husband will probably have to take the card away from me from time to time, but he gets to buy his toys and buying for others is what I enjoy doing. Plus, I doubt he will get too upset considering it will be for our son, and I am almost absolutely positive he will be joining in on the fun.

We have a 6/7 month old cat that we love dearly. She is like my baby. We are hoping she will do great when our son arrives. She still has her claws in and she sleeps in the bed with us, and we are hoping she doesn’t hurt the baby. Everyone has their opinions, but I think she will be fine. She is a very curious cat that loves watching everything. I let her go on the balcony from time to time, and she loves it! She gets to see and hear people other than me and my husband. She also loves getting into the blinds and sitting on the window sill. She does this to watch everyone pass by, but I think it is mainly for the sunshine. She is so silly and brings such joy to our lives. I can’t wait til our boy is old enough to play with her. They both will love it!

This pregnancy has been pretty easy thus far. Early on I wouldn’t want to eat because nothing seemed appealing. I would feel nauseous only a few times, and only once did it result in a trip to the bathroom. I fainted for a few seconds a few months back, but that was because I didn’t have much food or water in me. I took the glucose test and the results were fine. I was terrified that it wouldn’t be, partly because of the fainting, but mostly because my dad has diabetes and our son’s weight gain has been rapid. However, the doctors aren’t very concerned about it. This stage in the pregnancy I am getting uncomfortable more, and everyday things like getting up from the couch, trying to tie my shoes, and picking things up off the floor are becoming more and more difficult. However, I quickly forget all that once he starts kicking (which is frequently)! My husband loves feeling him kick, and he kicks hard! I love when our cat Penny gets in the bed with us and comes walking up to my face via my body, and she suddenly stops on my belly, my husband says, “Get off my son.” He says it with his adorable smile, picks her up, and kisses her. It is all so heartwarming. He will be such an amazing father!!! I can’t wait!

Well, I guess this is it for now. I don’t want to give you my entire life story in my first blog post. There will be plenty of time for that later! 🙂