Ultrasound Visit

So a few months ago, I was getting scheduled for another ultrasound by my Ob/Gyn. I was curious as to why I was getting another ultrasound, and she told me because one of his kidneys was a little dilated and she wanted to check on it. The dilation got a little bigger by the next visit, so they scheduled us an appointment with ultrasound specialists. We had our appointment with them, but they were hardly concerned with his kidney. They were more concerned with his weight. They wanted to check on his weight a month later, which was today. According to the ultrasound, our baby boy weighs 7 pounds 15 ounces at 35 weeks and 2 days. Last month the u/s tech told us measuring the weight of a baby via ultrasound wasn’t very accurate, and they can be off by about 25% either way. Meaning he could be bigger or smaller. I’m a little worried that I might have to have a c-section, I’d rather give birth naturally, but if I must have one then I must have one. At least with a c-section, it will be scheduled and our family will have plenty of time to make arrangements to come visit us. We live 2 hours away and our family members don’t have the most reliable vehicles.

I guess I’m just anxious for him to get here, and I have a feeling he will come before the due date. I don’t want to go over the due date, but heard it is pretty common. Everyday things are getting harder and harder to do. I have to scoot to the end of our couch to get up, it is difficult to turn around in the bed at night, and I can’t walk or stand too long without my back killing me. I know it pales in comparison to the precious life inside of me, but I’m ready for him to be here. I can’t wait to hold him, kiss him, and love on him. I always knew I wanted kids, but never really thought of the actual day. Even if I did, it is nothing like actually getting to feel everything, the kicks and the pains. I wouldn’t take back a single moment.

Counting down the days til our Parker gets here!!

Stay tuned for more sharing!

Thanks for reading!! 🙂


Hello There

Well this is exciting, my first ever blog post! So many things to say, yet the words escape me. So forgive me if it sounds like I am rambling (it’s because I am!).

First of all, I am a stay at home wife and soon-to-be mommy!! We are expecting our little boy in about 8 more weeks and we couldn’t be happier! We have his room pretty much done, we just need a few things to complete it, and hopefully we get that at the baby shower. I am wanting to buy so many clothes for him already, and it is hard not to! I know once he is here, I won’t be able to control my spending. My husband will probably have to take the card away from me from time to time, but he gets to buy his toys and buying for others is what I enjoy doing. Plus, I doubt he will get too upset considering it will be for our son, and I am almost absolutely positive he will be joining in on the fun.

We have a 6/7 month old cat that we love dearly. She is like my baby. We are hoping she will do great when our son arrives. She still has her claws in and she sleeps in the bed with us, and we are hoping she doesn’t hurt the baby. Everyone has their opinions, but I think she will be fine. She is a very curious cat that loves watching everything. I let her go on the balcony from time to time, and she loves it! She gets to see and hear people other than me and my husband. She also loves getting into the blinds and sitting on the window sill. She does this to watch everyone pass by, but I think it is mainly for the sunshine. She is so silly and brings such joy to our lives. I can’t wait til our boy is old enough to play with her. They both will love it!

This pregnancy has been pretty easy thus far. Early on I wouldn’t want to eat because nothing seemed appealing. I would feel nauseous only a few times, and only once did it result in a trip to the bathroom. I fainted for a few seconds a few months back, but that was because I didn’t have much food or water in me. I took the glucose test and the results were fine. I was terrified that it wouldn’t be, partly because of the fainting, but mostly because my dad has diabetes and our son’s weight gain has been rapid. However, the doctors aren’t very concerned about it. This stage in the pregnancy I am getting uncomfortable more, and everyday things like getting up from the couch, trying to tie my shoes, and picking things up off the floor are becoming more and more difficult. However, I quickly forget all that once he starts kicking (which is frequently)! My husband loves feeling him kick, and he kicks hard! I love when our cat Penny gets in the bed with us and comes walking up to my face via my body, and she suddenly stops on my belly, my husband says, “Get off my son.” He says it with his adorable smile, picks her up, and kisses her. It is all so heartwarming. He will be such an amazing father!!! I can’t wait!

Well, I guess this is it for now. I don’t want to give you my entire life story in my first blog post. There will be plenty of time for that later! 🙂